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12:39pm 11/11/2003
  well well well..here I am again. Ive been a lil busy lately. Friday night I chilled with Jon and JiLL..and cory....and Matt....and KT an I think thats it lol/. It was a fun time. Me and JiLL are now basically married.lol Good times. Saturday night I was supposed to party at Derrick's, but he cancelled it and a bunch of us ended up chillen at Jay's. Its always a fun time at Jay's tho. I also brought my friend Jen from work ova there and she had a good time.

I had an apointment with Nancy yeserday. Fun Fun. Yes, Ashley has a councelor now.lol Who knows if it will help anything.

Last night I went to Jen's house. Good times lol We can act so dumb together but its all good. Came home early around 7 cuz I had to babysit and my bitch mom said she's pick me up, I call her this morning "can you pick me up?" MoM-"no...take a cab im not goin out now" She does that all the time. I bareley ask her for rides anymore cuz I usually have one, but when Ido she fukin says no, or says yes then when I call her for a ride its"oh come on blah blah blah" She annoys the hell out of me, its bad enough that wenever I go out I always gotta be home the next day early,but shes neva willing to help me get home early to babysit. And I babysit for her all the time cuz my dad doesn't do shit. ANYWAY...enuff with my rant lol

So yeah...been really busy lately between work and school and fun. But thats life, cant complain. :-) yup..Im gonna go now. peace

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blah blah blah   
12:17am 05/11/2003
  1. First Name: Ashley
2. Were you named after anyone? uhh a bracelet in toys r us hehe
3. Do you wish on stars? I have
4. Which finger is your favorite? the nice lil middle finger
5. When did you last cry? sunday night
6. Do you like your handwriting? sumtimes
7. What is your favorite lunch meat? umm oscar meyer bologna!
8. Any bad habits? Cigarettes ,i have 1 in my mouth now
9. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf? I listen to good musik! so none
10. If you were another person, would YOU be friends
w/you? hmm at times mabey, sumtimes i can b a bitch but not to ppl i like
11. Are you a daredevil? sumtimes
12. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? No,only when i was an immatur lil losa,like in 2nd grade lol
13. Do looks matter? well somewhat u have to physically attracted to someone before you kno them more, it happens with everyone, but no its not the number 1 thing
14. How do you release anger? depends how angry I am...
15. Where is your second home? Bri's house
16. Do you trust others easily? no
17. What was your favorite toy as a child? my doll I always carried around named Sally, and I also loved my lil burt and Ernie Sesame street dolls but I called Ernie Nernie lol
18. What class in school do you think is totally useless? Math! it all sucks! who needs to count? lol I think english is pointless tho, we know how to talk thats all that matters
19. Do you have a journal? yes I have a personal one that I write in, and I have a livejournal..this one lol
20. Do you use sarcasm a lot? lol yea cant help it
21. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? yeaa
22. What do you look for in a guy/girl? Personality,eyes,they gotta be nice,umm good in bed....lol jp
24. What are your nicknames? too many to name
25. Would you bungee jump? hmm sometimes I say I'd never do it, other times im like hell yea! i really dont know
26. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? not always, but mine sometimes arent ever tied
27. Do you think that you are strong? physically,i guess so- Mentally, not really, i can be
28. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Breyer's butter pecan....and reeses sundaes from friendlys
29. Shoe Size? anywhere from 8-9, usually 8
30. What are your favorite colors? purple,black, and red
31. What is your least favorite thing? school at the moment
32. How many wisdom teeth do you have? dunno! lol
33. How many people have a crush on you right now? eh...to many,but now I'm taken cuz I'm gettin eloped with JiLL! LoL
34. Who do you miss most right now? Jess and Nessa!!! :-(
35. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? i dont care
36. What color pants are you wearing? black
37. What are you listening to right now? lol Twiztid actually, who wouldda thought?!
38. Last thing you ate? a burrito
39. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? purple!! :-D or hott pink ;-) heh jp
40. What is the weather like right now? c0o0o0oo0old
41. Last person you talked to on the phone?Sidney
42. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? style,eyes,SMELL
43. Do you like the person who sent you this? Yes, i LOVE nessa!!!
44. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? prety sucky
45. FAVORITE DRINK? Pink Lemonade,water
46. FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? hmm depends what im in tha mood for, i love anything smirnoff, vodka,JD,rum n coke,Bacardi...all that shits good, i like others too but cant think
48. HAIR COLOR? black
49. EYE COLOR? brown
51. SIBLINGS? 1 younger sister, 2 older brothers,and 2 older sisters
52. FAVORITE MONTH? May! my bday and October/Nov(FALL!) i love the fall, but summer beats all cuz no skool
53. FAVORITE FOOD? pizza and pasta
55. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR? my birfday...and Halloween
56. ARE YOU TOO SHY TO ASK SOMEONE OUT? LoL yea I want them to ask me out :-D
57. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? depends what im in tha mood for
58. SUMMER OR WINTER? summer, definitely
59. HUGS OR KISSES? both! im greedy ;-)
60. RELATIONSHIPS OR ONE NIGHT STANDS? relationships I'd say
64. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? in my wonderful apartment with mom,dad, and my lil sister Nicky......and I HATE it! :-D
65. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? I am reading Midnight Whispers right now
66. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Nothing. It's Black
67. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Cribbage! its a card/board type of thing, but I love Cribbage
68. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? I dont usually watch TV
69. FAVORITE SMELL? Anything Victorias secret, that shit turns me on lol and I love Adidas and Tommy

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10:33pm 19/10/2003
  What the fuck is up?!

Just got out of work and I'm tired as fuck. I talked to Nessa for a lil bit on the fone. She called me all the way from Oregon :-) I luv her.

Ummmm...Had a good weekend. Emily slept over Friday night, we had a good time. OmG she made herself pass out when I was in the other room, and she fell and smacked her head on my comp desk, and the whole house shook, my mom ran in my room and she was laying there smiling saying "that was so great!" my moms lke "WTF?!" lol She ran in the livingroom and told my parents what she did and they were just confused. LoL I wouldn't be surprised if they thought she was on something. But no, it's just Emily, and she's just a Cohn. LoL Gotta love those crazy Cohn's. Saturday I worked till 7 then Bri and Cindy picked me up. (For those who are confused, Cindy is Bri's mom) Then we went back to Bri's, I took a shower, then we all smoked a bowl, then Cindy dropped us off at the mall. We met Jay and Danny and Rachael there,and Willie who was at work. then went to play pool at CB's. *I Kicked Bri's ass!* Then after a while of playing pool, we all dropped by the liquer store and got sum alcohol (vodka for meee)=screwdrivers :-) Ummm then we all went to Bickford's to eat. It was like.....11:30 12 and Rachael went home, then me,bri,Jay,willie,and Dan went back to Bri's, where we got really fucked up, Smoking and drinking gets ya real messed up LoL ahh craziness, we had a really fun night tho. I woke up and went home to get ready for work at 12 :-( poopie. But I had a good time, I luv chillin with them 4. We always have good times!

ANYWAY, enuff about gettin fucked up, I'm sure theres more to talk about.
Well Devin leaves in a few days for boot for 5 months :-( I think he's pickin me up from school tomorrow and we're gonna chill for the day. 5 months..wow. Definitely sucks. But hey, gotta do what u gotta do. I am proud of my friends who decide to take that path in life, I mean it takes a lot, it really does. So any friend of mine that's in the military, Congrats :-)

Well that sums up my life the past few days, hectic. I'm gonna go to bed now.

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BoReDoM In ScHoOL...   
07:14pm 11/10/2003
  1. Full Name: Ashley Nichole Dominick
2. Nick Names: too many to name
3. Birthday:May31
5. How old are you: sweet sixteen
7. Hair Color: basically black
9. How tall are you: 5'3"-I kno, IM short :-)
10. What shoe size do you wear: usually around an 8
11. Are you righty or lefty: righty
12. What is/are your parent(s) name(s): Nancy and fuckface :-)
13. What was your mom's maiden name: Ferris
14. How many siblings do you have (counting step): heh..5, possibly 6..my dad was a whore back in the day
15. What are their name(s): Nicky,Melissa,Jon,Mel,Melissa again (yes guys, thats right, 2 sisters named Melissa) and James(we all kno hes my dads son)
16. What are the last 4 digits of your phone number: ABCD
17. Do you crack any body parts: yessum

have you ever..
20. Got in a fight: of course
21. Liked a teacher: lol no it's wrong
22. Committed a crime: Well, technically yes. I have broken the law quite a few times...and morally, I've broken laws I guess....ya know, that whole sex before marriage stuff.
23. Ever ate a tub of ice cream by yourself: lol nah I wouldnt b able to finish it without gettin sick
24. Laughed so hard you peed your pants: Um..no..but there WAS this incident back in 2nd grade..but we'll just not talk bout that one lol
25. Ran into a glass door: Can't say I have
26. Kicked the wall so hard you broke every toe on that foot: No, but I did kick a big chair really hard once and fucked up my big toe big time
27. Punched a wall and put a hole in it: ah yes
28. Gone skinny-dipping: YUP :-)
29. Ate dirt: noperz
30. Been in love: yup
31. Been hit by a car: nah
32. Asked someone out: like..once I like when the guy asks me out
33. Ran into a parked car: nope
34. Been in a car accident: yes, not with me driving tho

36. Food: Pasta,pizza yuMmY
37. Car: Jeep Grand Cherokee or Libertys...but my sister is supposed to be giving me her Dodge Neon, and i luv those
38. Candy: Snickers! Why wait? and lollipops
39. Drink: PiNk LeMoNaDe
41. Chips: doritos n tortilla chips
42. Store: doesnt matter to me, I shop everywhere, wherever i see sumthin i like
43. Shoe brand: probably adidas
44. Restaurant: BURGER KING! lol jk umm Pub99 its the best place in tha world!
45. Sport: Don't have one...although I did play softball for 3 years lol thats it
46. Thing to do: SmOkE...and partying..bein with my friends, just chillen
47. Number: 12
48. Alcoholic Drink: Raspberry vodka and rum&coke
49. Animal: cheetahs..cats
50. Holiday: Halloween and xmas
51. Day: fridays
52. Month: summer months cuz school sucks! lol
56. Scent: for guys-tommy and adidas for MEE-Love Spell
57. Book that u are reading right now: Dolores Claiborne...its bout a woman who kills her husband lol..its a movie too, but im readin the book
58. Magazine: anything with hot ppl on the front lol
59. Tv show: ya know, I dont watch TV much
60. Radio Station: Fuck the radio.
61. Vacation Place: DISNEY WORLD!!! :-D
62. Movie: ahh here we go..Girl Interrupted,The Virgin Suicides,BLOW*,Requiem for a dream(recently, just saw it i luv it),Fight Club,American History X...and quite a few more
63. Place to be kissed: everywhere :P
64. Best memory: Recently...all the parties with my friends, especially Derricks parties, they are always kick ass..Puttin a tent up in Jay's back yard and gettin really drunk and jumping on the trampoline all night w/ Jay,danny,Willy and Bri,Bri's house.... best memories of when I was younger-New Hampshire with the Cohn's in that cabin, and Disney world when we brought Emily
65. Longest friend: EMILY!! my longest, bestest friend 9 years
66. Funniest friend: Gurl:Emily,guy:eh...its a tie between Jay and Danny and Jay Wiznewski when he's drunk...he's the funniest guy in the world
68. Dumbest friend: Sarah
69. Athleticest friend: I'd prolly say Beth
70. Loudest friend: That one goes to Emily
71. Shyest friend: wow...i dont think any of my friends are really shy lol
72. Who do you go to for advice: Emily,Bri,recently JiLL..and believe it or not Jimmy C is really good to talk to
73. Tallest Friend: Jay C.
74. Shortest Friend: lol..Danny

My FuTuRe...
111. Who is going to be by Your Side when u need them the most: I know Emily always will be
112. Where are you going to Live: I honestly don't know yet, I MIGHT go to Utah for 2 years after HS to go to Massage Therapy school, cuz the best one is out there and I wanna be a massage therapist
113. How Many kids do you want: 2..MABEY 3
114. Girl's Names: Talena,Caitlyn,Taryn
115: Boy's Names: Jaden,Devin
116. College you want to attend: The massage therapy school in Utah, but I gotta look into it more
117. What is your career going to be: Massage Therapist
118. Whats your Wife/Husband going to Look like:Tall..dark..and handsome lol I hope

.....RanDoMm QueStioNsZ...
119. What color pants are you wearing right now: jeans with purple stuff kinda design on them
120. What song are you listening to right now: 2 people in my class that wont shut up, seeing that I am in school right now and bored outa my mind
121. What was the last thing you ate: I'm eating animal crackers right now! :-D
122. If you were a crayon, what color would you be: purple
123. Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon: who knows...I wanna go to Jamaica!
124. Last person you talked to on the phone: umm Emily last night I believe
125. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: umm eyes,personality,scent
127. How are you today: Alright..its the last day before a 4 day weekend so im ALL good lol
128. How do you eat an oreo: Alright, here we go, I bite it, then chew, then swallow, then i repeat the proccess a few more times till the cookies gone! wierd, huh?
129. What makes you happy: my friends,my musik,and a certain someone
130. What's the next cd you're going to get: who knows
131. Do you like to dance: lol only when Im drunk..then u cant stop me from danin
132. What's the stupidest thing you have ever done: ive done way too may stupid things to name one
133. Do you miss someone right now: yes
134. Dress, skirt, or shorts: I wish I could wear skirts, but i dont got the legs for it
135. Believe in love at first sight: eh..no lust at 1st site mabey
136. Do you want your friends to write back: i dont care
137. Who is least likely to respond: dunno
138. Who is most likely to respond: will u stop asking stupid ass questions lol damn survey
139. Who's your super hero: QUAILMAN! omg if anyone knows what im talkin about please tell me cuz thats funnie shit..but i was jokin
140. Who do you want to write back the most: anyone who luvs me
142. Screen Name: Twiztidbtch6,monoxidesfreak
143. What Does Your Screen Name stand For: Well, Twiztid bitch cuz I love Twiztid and im a twiztid bitch...and monoxidesfreak..well thats self explanitory ;-)

LAYER TWO: On The Inside
-- Your heritage: portuguese,italian, and french
-- Your weakness: heh..
-- Your fears: losing the ones closest to me
-- Your perfect pizza: cheese pizza..plain! lol
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: happiness,success

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: LoL,WTF?!,what up..etc
-- Your thoughts first waking up: AHHHHHHHH!
-- Your best physical feature: ppl say I have beautiful eyes...even tho theyre just brown lol so my eyes
-- Your bedtime: whenever i can finally fall asleep
-- Your most missed memory: theres too many I miss so much and I prefer not to talk about. I have a hard time letting go of things..EVERYTHING actually.

-- Smoke: yup
-- Cuss: What the Fuck are you talking about asshole?!
-- Sing: yes...not beutifully tho
-- Have a crush(es): yup :-)
-- Do you think you've been in love: yup
-- Want to go to college: something like that
-- Like high school: nahhh school sucks..but ya gotta do it, so i guess its ok
-- Want to get married: eventually, although lately I've been questioning wether I believe in marriage or not..
-- Believe in yourself: sumtimes
-- Get motion sickness: nah
-- Think you're attractive: I guess so, people say I am, so I take there word for it
-- Think you're a health freak: NO I suck lol
-- Get along with your parents: not usually
-- Like thunderstorms: yes

LAYER FIVE: In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: lol lots of it
-- Smoked: yup
-- Done a drug: yes, weed like always
-- Made Out: lol of course
-- Gone on a date: hmm i guess so
-- Gone to the mall?: yea
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: fuck no
-- Eaten sushi: NO
-- Been on stage: nope
-- Been dumped: no
-- Gone skating: nope
-- Made homemade cookies: lol its been a while
-- Dyed your hair: no, never have actually
-- Stolen anything: no

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: lol i think so..
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Ohhhh yes
-- Been caught "doing something": yea, not by parents tho...just other ppl, but no one cared lol
-- Been caught fucking? yes, once again not by parents tho
-- Been called a tease: hmm no
-- Gotten beaten up: oh yea, the other night when I was drunk at derricks me and danny had a good wrestling matchlol

LAYER SEVEN:In a Partner
Best eye color: green and blue
Best hair color: mine?
Short or long hair: long for gurls, guys...either medium length, or short
Height: taller then me
Best weight: average,healthy looking
Best articles of clothing: Birthday suit!
Best first date location: my bed or yours?-lol I like Jill's answer
Best first kiss location: anywhere

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: atleast 3 or 4
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: Emily,Bri
-- Number of CDs that I own: too many
-- Number of piercings: 2
-- Number of tattoos: none yet
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Im a loser, dont think i have been in the paper, im a nobody lol
-- Number of scars on my body: too many...
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: way too many things

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10:57pm 08/10/2003

I'm just chillen sittin here...eatin some Ramen soup. Just got outta work. I'm tiiiired. Ill be goin to bed soon.

So yea..its been a while since I updated. Didn't have my comp hooked up for a bit cuz I moved. A lot has been goin on actually. Too much for me to even think about right now. But for anyone who DOES read my LJ..I didn't die or drop off the face of the earth...I'm still here, just MIA for a while, like some James Bond shit. lol Aright I really needa shut up, so I'm out. Buhbye :-)

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02:41am 26/08/2003
mood: dorky
<td bgcolor="#000000">Name:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Youre famous for:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Porn </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">You get famous:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">December 17, 2047</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">You make $$ per/year:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">$476,256,487,788,969</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Do people like you?</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Everyone loves you </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Dead/Alive:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">No one knows </td></tr>
F A M E by spazyspag
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"If I could melt your heart...We'd never be apart.."   
03:20pm 11/08/2003
mood: stressed
Hey hey...lotsa shit has been goin on lately.

Umm yea many guy problems....but I have found someone I am talking to and shits going good,but I dunno. We'll see. I've been a lil crushed lately over someone else :-( But eh....what u gonna do? :-/ Life can be a bitch.

Also got in a HUGE HUGE HUGE fight with Matt again...and this time he hung up on me saying he was never gonna call me again. He makes me feel so horrible sumtimes...but what am I supposed to do when he calls me up randomly asking me if I still love him? I thought I did, but things just got really ruined...

ughhh he annoys me......and hurts me....I hate him sumtimes....but I'll prolly never talk to him again so...whatever :'(

Needlez made me feel a lot better tho he's such a sweetie.

Yea...life blows right now..not only that but we havent found a place to move yet...and we gotta be out of here REAL soon...like in 3 weeks soon.yea... House got sold. I dont wanna fukin move to East Taunton with my sister and nephews. I luv them to death but I know I will not only be babysitting my sister all the time, but my 2 nephews too! I dont wanna do that.And I'll be cookin for everyone 24/7 when my moms at work, And ill never have a ride anywhere...and ill be far from most of my friends...ugghh this sucks so much. I luv livin right near Bri...thats my escape...im usually over there 24/7....(well before she went to utah for 6 weeks) and ahh I'll be in the boonies with no where to go...besides Emily's which is still a lil far. it sucks so bad they better not decide to go stay in my sisters house for a while. And they prob will. we lived there before.....when I 1st moved here cuz she wanted work done on the house and my dad moved us there to do it. Now she wants more done (my sis) and seeing that we gotta move anyway...we prob will end up there. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Found out some news Sat night that just saddened me...

Really wierd shit happened to me yesterday too

I have so many problems right now...I haven't even wanted to wake up and get out of bed lately..

I've been so sad/depressed :-(

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heh..woulda never known   
10:44pm 08/08/2003
mood: bored
I have issues with...
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more shit..   
10:23pm 07/08/2003
mood: bored
Full Name: Ashley Nichole Dominick
Birthday: May31st
Birth Place: New Haven, Connecticut
Home: Taunton
Eyes: Brown
Hair/Hair Color: dark brown/black-curly
What is your zodiac sign: Gemini

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend; if so who?: No i don't, not @ the moment
Do you have a crush; if so who?: Yes...I do :-) no names tho
Have you ever been in love?: Yes I have
A song that describes your life? well i cant think of that at the moment but a good song that describes love is Deftones "Teenager" I absolutely luv that song

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? hopefully just bein happy
Future sons name?: Derek,Jaden
Future daughters name?: Caitlyn....and lots of others lol i have lots of gurl names i luv

Broken the Law?: Yup
Run away from home?: nah cuz i know my dad would beat my ass heh
Ever cheated on a test?: I call it idea sharing <~~Jills answer works best ;-)
Had a medical emergency?: nah

Love at first sight? LUST @ 1st sight
Aliens?: hmm sure
Horoscopes?: sure
Faeries?: sure

Mud or jelly wrestling: Mud or Jelly!
White or milk chocolate?: Wh1te chocolate makes Jillie ^gag^.
Blondes or brunettes?: I like dark hair
Roller coasters: deadly or exciting: exciting for the most part, i get scared but its all with the thrill :-D

Fractured something?: my big toe once i think
Cried?: uMmM actually last weekend when my aunt Linda was going back to Florida(she came for a week to visit)
Got a real letter?: when Matt was in boot camp and we were 2getha

!@#WHAT IS$%^
Your most prized and important possession?: musik if anything i have a lot of prized things
The worst song you ever heard?: Anything by Good Charlotte, just what Ive heard from them rubs me the wrong way lol
First thing you think about when you wake up?: MORE sleep. ZzZzZ
What on your mouse pad?: Its black
Favorite number?: 12
What's on your bedroom walls?: pictures,posters,Marilyn Monroe :-D,drawings,lyrics(yes, lyrics lol)....etc
What do you wear in bed? usually a tank top and shorts/pantz
What is the worst thing you've done in life?: ive done too many bad things there is no worst

Relative?: my aunt JoAnne...shes like one of my best friends hehe
TV show?: dont have 1
Shampoo?: Herbal Essences
Book?: "Taming the Beast" bout Charles Manson and "Fat Chance"
Magazine?: dont have 1
Thing to do on the Weekend?: chill w/ ppl, smoke, drink.....party....etc
Band or Group?: Most definitely Twiztid
Movie?: The Virgin Suicides,Gurl Interrupted,Big Money Hustlas,*BloW*,Brokedown Palace,Fight Club,White Oleander...as for a new one, Pirates of the Carribean -Johnny Depp MmMM :-) umm Dueces Wild,The Craft, The Crow......and quite a few more

You could have any job in the world what would it be?: An exotic Dancer...but that wont happen, I wanna be an RN

!@#DO YOU$%^
Get motion sickness?: nope
Get along with your parents?: ehh....sumtimes, more my mom then my dad, i hate my dad
Like to drive?: yup...cant wait till i can legally :-)
Sleep with a stuffed animal?: no
Drink or Smoke?: yes I do both
Who is your biggest crush right now?: Itz a secret ;-) lol nah i think ppl know anyway
Who do you go to for advice? EMILY,sumtimes Sarah and Nessa,Tamz, And the love of my life <3Tricksta!!!...sumtimes other ppl too but basically them
Believe in Reincarnation?: somewhat....i dont quite know
Consider yourself a good listener, speaker, shoulder to cry on?: Yeah, I am a good listener.. but sometimes I have a hard time trying to console someone unless I can relate..

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05:40pm 07/08/2003
  A - Age: sweet 16 :-)
B - Best Quality: I think my best quality is mabey my personality or eyes
C - Choice Of Meat: chicken.
D - Dream Date: Something kute & romantic & fun
E - Ex (most recent): Matt
F - Favorite Food: pasta & pizza
G - Greatest Accomplishment: I'm still here
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: i have a lot of happy days....prolly when I met Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J @ Spooky World last year...but ive had a lot of really good days i wont forget....I really do wanna Meet Twiztid tho that would be pretty damn nice :-)
I - Internal conflicts: weight,self conciousness
J - Jam or Jelly: Jelly
K - Kool-Aid: My fav is Kool-Aid lemonade
L - Love: not anymore,so not right now atleast
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: i have too many valuable things
N - Name: Ashley Nichole Dominick
O - Outfit You Love: prolly my lil green Riddlebox Shirt and a pair of jeans
P - Pizza Toppings: cheese & Hawaian
Q - Question you want to ask: Why are there so many fucking stupid people?
R - Radical thing you've done: I've done lots of great things heh
S - Sport To Watch: i dont really watch sports, but if i had to pick one it would be football
T - Television Show: TRL!!! haha jk uMmM...I like quite a few i cant pick one, i dont watch the same show all the time to have one cuz i dont watch tv all the time
U - Unique habit: ummm hmmm i have lots of habits,but they arent unique umm id say mabey always trying to keep people happy? heh
V - Very favorite: right now I'd say talking to someone special ;-)
X - X-rays you have had: my teeth....and mabey thats it? i dont remember...
Y - Yesterday's best meal: a sandwich lol
Z - Zodiac Sign: GeMiNi :-)

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ThE WoRLd Is HeLL....   
10:18pm 31/07/2003
mood: bored
LaLaLa bored outta my mind...

Today I got home at 9:30 in the morning cuz I was out last night with ppl. Good times. Talked to Needlez on and of all day heh Ummm babysat....yup....thats bout it

Got in a HUGE fight with Matt last night. That sucked. We fought again today. Grr its like we're still 2gether. Braking up with him didnt even help anything. heh yup sucky shit.
Anyway I'm about out right now cuz there's not much more to talk about peace

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03:02pm 31/07/2003
mood: dorky

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12:59pm 29/07/2003
mood: awake
circus freak

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"Dukes of Hazard!"   
11:52am 29/07/2003
mood: amused
Last night was a really good night. I was finally home alone cuz my dad was at his friend's house and My mom took Nicki to see my aunt in Lakeville. So Mike wanted to chill and he got his new Camaro so he was all excited. However the door wasn't fixed so I had to jump in and everytime I jumped inor out he yelled"dukes of Hazard!" haha Then we went to the mall for a few min and saw Tammy outside on the way out and Dick and just a bunch of ppl. So next thing you know it we're all playing Volleyball in the Mall parkinglot. hahano secuity yelled at us I gues cuz it was Monday, not Friday. Who knows. Anyway Tammy wanted me to call and see if I could sayout later. So i called and my mom had got home and said I could stay out till 11. Dick dressed up like a constructin worker striper again. We were rollin it was so funny. Thren we all got in our cars and drove to Wendy's. Everyone was going like 80, 90 comin from the mall. lol I was holdin on to the door, needlez, anything for dear life. haha So we get to Wendy's and sum ppl got food and we're just chillen in the parking lot. And we saw a skunk that mike was trying to chase after, then this other kid there started walkin toward it. Thank god no one got sprayed. lol A lil after that mike brought me home. It was a nice time. We didn' expect to see Tammy and everyone so it was pretty chill. Nice to get out of the house for a few hours. I didn't even get out till like 9 seeing that he had to come all the way from Brockton to pick me up lol But yea...just thougt I'd write about my fun night.
Ah yes, I also saw Devin yesterday before he went to work. That was nice too.

Wel..now I'm babystting once again. Oh well.
I hate pop-ups.
Anyway....I'm out lata

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01:44pm 28/07/2003
mood: bored
Yea it's been forever since I updated this lol I lost online for a while. But I'm back..for now.

Well, a lot has changed in these past few months of summer. I am no longer with Matt. Yes, it's a shock but Icouldn't take it anymore. Long story. So yes, the engagement is broken off and all,But believe it ornot, we're still friends.

Umm other then that,I've been havin some good times. I've been partyin a lot and shit. The 4th of July was good, there was a big party at Derrick's house. Rich got an apartment w/ his siser so we have partied there a few times. My B day was the best tho. I had a cookout during the day and a party at Bri's house that night. That was a krazy night. All I gotta say is Jay: "Yeah Willy" haha and Tippity Tapity Happy in the pants with Quackie the Pooh. lmao I'm sure anyone reading this is so completely confused. And I'm sorry it just had to be said. I can' wait till Bri gets back from Utah. Her and Willy are having a party for her welcome back and its also for Willy's bday. Can't wait. Thats gonna be a good night. I miss my BriBri so much. lol I'm supposed to be goin to the beach with Jay,Danny,Rich,Rich's chick Emily (not my Emily :-) ),prob Wiznewski too..I dunno a bunch of us are supposed to be going.

Tammy's B day was Friday. HAPPY B DAY TAMMY! I LUV U. She had a party saturday which was a very good time. I went with Tricksta, Beth, and Em. We all kno Em had a good time. lol
um Sarah slep over last night. Good times. We were watching some stupid videos we made on my computer over the school year.

Well I'm out I don't have much more to say.

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05:50pm 01/05/2003
mood: crushed
You are Motherly!
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HeH...yea..it really shows..huh?Guess not. Fuck this. I'm out

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That's right Bitch   
08:43pm 29/04/2003
mood: blah
Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip. Coolness. No school!! UmM...yea Matt won't be here for my bday. :-( He is going to Cali for 2 weeks to practice shit in the desert. lol Poor thing. But he is gonna try and come down soon before he goes for a few days cuz he has a 3 day weekend comin up. I hope I can see him soon!! Well.today was alright. I went shopping and got sum new clothes and a kute lil new purse. I got sum tank tops and a pair of capris..but i think im taking the capris back. who knows. I'v been having mad cramps but my period hasn't come! WTF is wrong?! Fuck that shit.

Oh yes, there has been sum gay ass rumors going around the mall now bout something to do with me and matt..ok people are fuckin stupid. I gotta get to the bottom of this one. Gullable, gossiping people who turn everything around. Hah..its actually quite funnie. well I'm out now I ahve no more to say. PEACE!

**oh yes, JiLL..if u read this, email me if our plans are still on K? Cuz im not sure if im gettin back online tonight. lata**


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11:21pm 28/04/2003
mood: bored
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ok then   
10:06pm 28/04/2003
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:-) :-) :-)   
05:15pm 28/04/2003
  *WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!*  

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